What I love about “Beyond Satisfaction” by Breanne Dyck

I read a fascinating book recently, by Breanne Dyck, called “Beyond Satisfaction” and it’s all about creating an amazing online learning experience – one that creates raving fans because it gets people results.

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Video Transcript

Hello I’m Nikki and I wanted to share with you this morning a book I’ve been reading recently called “Beyond Satisfaction” by Breanne Dyck.

So that’s the cover. Sorry about the reflections.

So I actually came across Breanne a couple of years back when I was looking at how to create online courses and I found a lot of the training out there, as great as it was, focused heavily on how to market your course, rather than how to actually teach your course, and I was really looking for a way to make sure that when I did a course it actually got results.

And so I went looking and I came across Breanne’s work and I absolutely love her approach.

You know it’s so practical, down-to-earth and the focus is on what actually makes a great learning experience.

And I actually bought her original version of Beyond Satisfaction.

This is a second edition that she’s updated and expanded tremendously and I just finished reading it recently.

And you know it goes through so many things that help us to understand what makes for a great online learning experience.

You know that it’s, it’s not just about satisfaction it’s about results, how to get those results, how to measure those results, how to make sure people are actually getting the results that you want for them.

Some of the traps that we fall into, thinking that more and more and more content is actually what’s going to make the difference, things like understanding where people are at in their level of mastery of the skills you’re teaching and where you want to take them to, so that before and after.

All of those concepts and there’s so much more in this book.

The part that I especially enjoyed was towards the end when she talks about how to get great feedback, how to actually figure out what’s working, what questions to ask, how to actually measure the things that are working and not working and what metrics to use to actually measure the success of your online course.

So I really, really enjoyed reading Breanne’s book and if you’re looking to create online courses I highly recommend that you check it out.

It’s free on Amazon for the next day or two so now’s a great time to download and get it for free, and to actually add to your arsenal of tools to make your online courses really great or any other kind of educational experience you’re creating.

So this was just my review of Breanne Dyck’s book, “Beyond Satisfaction”, and I’ll see you next time.

Have a great day!

Nikki, The Biz Pixie

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