Are you ready for the upcoming changes to the Google Analytics interface?

Video - Google Analytics Interface Update
Note: With the discontinuation of Universal Analytics as of 1 July 2023, this article is no longer relevant, as these tips apply to Universal Analytics accounts. Please visit my tutorials page for other helpful content.

Google are planning on making some changes to the Google Analytics interface over the next few weeks, to make navigation easier and to streamline some reporting and functionality.

Watch my video to find out what to expect, and so you’re not thrown when it all looks different, or read the transcript below.


You can also check out the Google Analytics blog post for more details:

Video Transcript

Hello! I’m Nikki, the Metrics Queen, and today I wanted to share with you some changes that are coming to the Google Analytics interface so that when they do happen you’re not caught off guard.

So Google has done some research and decided that they need to revamp the Google Analytics interface and hopefully it will make it easier to use, but as always when things change in how they look it can throw you a bit so I wanted to let you know what’s coming so that you can not be so thrown next time you log into your Google Analytics account and it all looks totally different.

So one of the major things that are doing is they’re basically revamping the interface.

They’re talking about making the navigation simpler, so basically they’re going to change the way that you find and access reports.

Hopefully a lot of it will be in the same place, but it will look a bit different.

Rest assured that everything you were looking at before is there somewhere it just looks a bit different.

They’re also looking at consolidating some bits and pieces, some of the custom reports are being all put into the one spot, but that probably shouldn’t affect you too much.

They’re also going to make it easy to switch between different views.

So for example if you have multiple views set up, say raw data and your active data, or test data, there’ll be a switching option up the top of the window that will allow you to quickly switch between different views and also if you’ve got different websites and different properties you’ll be able to switch through that as well.

It’s also gonna remember the last view that you were looking at.

Every time you log back in, it will go back to what you were looking at which should make things a little bit easier.

So they’re also going to change the capacity for the default date.

So at the moment every time you look at a report the default date range is 30 days, so they’re actually going to change that or give you the option to change that so if you prefer to look at your reports by seven days or 14 days or, I don’t know, 13 days, whatever actually works for you, you’ll be able to set that setting in your account and I believe all new accounts from this point forward will actually seven days instead of 30 days as the default but you can always change that.

There’s one last change that they’re making which is not probably going to affect you very much and there’s just a couple of pages that are in there that are gonna disappear but they are being replaced by the functionality and they’re very minor sections that aren’t used very often.

Things like custom alerts and intelligence reports and there will always be a way to do that, just it’ll be different way from now on.

So if you log into your Analytics account over the next few weeks and it all looks totally different never fear, everything is still there somewhere, it just looks a bit different and just take a bit of time to get to know the new interface and I will put a link to the blog post that Google put out in the description of this video so that you can check out further details if you’re interested.

Ok, I’ll see you next time.

Have a great day!

Nikki, The Biz Pixie

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