Why I’m so passionate about numbers

Video - My Numbers Passion

I get really excited about numbers, but not for the sake of themselves.

I love that with data, we can make better choices, do more with less and get the results we’re looking for – in our businesses and in our lives.

Numbers rock!

Watch my video, or read the transcript below, to discover why I get so excited about them and how numbers can make our lives seriously better.


So what’s your number story? Let me know in the comments below.

Video Transcript

Hello! I’m Nikki from MeasureWhatWorks.com and today I want to talk to you about why I think numbers rock.

So I’ve had a love of numbers my entire life.

It’s true you know as a child I used to make up problems in my head when I was bored on car trips.

At university I took maths subjects for the fun of it.

So I’ve always loved numbers, but one thing I’ve come to realise about myself and my relationship with numbers, it’s not enough just to have data, and I’ve learned that what I love to do is to make information useful.

Whether it’s numbers, or the latest book I’m reading, or a recipe I’m trying to create, I want information to be practical and applicable and what I love about numbers is that they can do exactly that for you and for your business and for your life in general.

They can supercharge what you do in your life whether it’s how many emails you have unread in your email account, or your bank balance or your weight on the scales or the profit you’re making in your business, numbers give you information.

And when you have that information, you can use that information to make different choices.

Without that information you’re effectively going blind, you don’t know what’s working, you don’t know what to do more of, so you end up running yourself ragged trying to do everything because you don’t know which of the things you’re doing is actually working.

But with numbers in your hand, you can say well that one isn’t really bringing me many clients that one’s not actually selling many products.

Let’s forget those activities, let’s focus on the things that are working and that I enjoy doing.

And it’s not about just focusing on the numbers.

I’ve heard lots of people talk about numbers and sometimes they start to lose that connection with people and that’s not what I’m about all.

I think it’s really important to use numbers to empower your decisions but at the same time to remember why you’re in business, how you feel about the people that you serve and to use those numbers to serve them even better and to actually strengthen your connection with those people.

So for me numbers and data is about empowering you to make better business decisions and to create a better experience for your clients.

So that’s why I’m really excited about numbers and I hope you’re really excited about numbers too.

I’d love to hear about your number story.

Do you get excited about numbers or do you get totally terrified by numbers.

Let me know.

And have a great day!

Nikki, The Biz Pixie

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